Sunday, March 26, 2006

"And I'd like to thank my coach..."

The New York Times March 26 issue ran a story on the rising popularity of coaching in Hollywood. Seems like Hollywood stars are finding out the benefits of working with a coach.

Do you have to be a Hollywood Star to afford a coach?

The article highlights several success stories of Hollywood careers skyrocketing after hiring a coach. Of course to balance the article they must include a naysayer who inaccurately declares that coaching " is for people with too much money."

Not true, not true, not true! Mentiras!

I am working hard to get the final details of my new program finished and as soon as I get that last piece, I'll be posting about it.

Sneak peek: Coaching that starts at $47 month.

Now go write the NY Times and tell them their naysayer source is full of himself!

Read the article here

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