Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Red Hot Copy Workshop

This past weekend I attended the Red Hot Copy Speed Copywriting Workshop in LA. It was truly amazing, I really learned a lot about writing effectively to reach your target market. Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero is the hottie behind Red Hot Copy, pictured here. As an aside, Lorrie is one of those women who seemingly never has a bad hair day, bad clothing day, or a bad anything day! She is so nice and genuine, and a master at her art. I love how she shares about her kids and completely related to her commitment to her kids as the impetus behind starting a business.

Here I am with Lorrie posing with her Red Hot Chicken. (The chicken is a little kitchen timer we used during writing exercises, but soon became the co-star of the entire weekend!)

OK, another aside: we had a big section on using testimonials in your copy, but I kept giggling because of the origin of the words testimonial and testify. I heard that in ancient Rome, when one testified, he (remember this was a patriarchal society) held his family jewels I guess the way you put one hand on the bible in certain courts of law. "I swear on all that is holy to me!"

Maybe it's an urban legend, but Lorrie loved it and she shared it with the class. Tee hee!

Now here's a perk you gotta love: Lorrie had a massage therapist on site to give us shoulder rubs! Ahhhh, the bliss. His name is Jason and he is the founder of Taifuchi. If you're in LA or Orange County, I highly recommend him! (That's me getting the kinks worked out of my shoulders)

Now off to apply this newfound knowledge!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

7 Secrets Class 1 Week Away!

If you're out there and catch this post, just a little reminder that there are only a few spots left in next week's teleclass, the 7 Secrets of Big Picture Thinkers!

What to do:
1) Go to THIS PAGE
2) Sign Up
3) Show up and enjoy!

Class starts Thursday April 27 on the new moon (a very good time to start new things).

We meet by phone for 4 class sessions, all sessions are recorded for your convenience.

Thanks and "see" you there!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Citlalli's Healthy Heart Birthday

Thanks to my mom pal (and digital scrapbooking dynamo) April for putting together this page for Citlalli (no "e" at the end, but that's OK!). This past week we dyed Easter eggs and April was fascinated by Citlalli's wild abandon as she dunked her entire hands into the dye. So taken by the experience, April made a whole page for her with commentary. She doesn't realize it, but she couldn't have timed this better.

3 years ago this weekend, my little girl Citlalli underwent heart surgery.
She was 5 months old and the event remains a defining point in my adult life.

I don't want to focus on what was, I prefer to focus on WHAT IS. Today, she is 3 1/2 years old, a spitfire to say the least (part of her survival spirit). She's bright, active, funny, cute... all the things we love about our 3 year olds. She also has the OTHER set of 3 year old traits that I choose to gloss over today, but let it be said that this child can hold her own against human and beast.

The lesson I learn over and over with Citlalli is that people are RESILIENT. We can survive so much more than we think. Hard times, illness, conflict, not getting our way, loss... we survive.

Happy Heart Birthday Mija! Mommy loves you Posted by Picasa

Monday, April 10, 2006

A Good Excuse to Postpone the Podcast

Today I was all set to interview Nora de Hoyos Comstock, the founder and mera comadre of Las Comadres Para Las Americas. Las Comadres Para Las Americas is an amazing grass roots movement of Latina/indigena women from all over who support each other via the web and at in person events.

So I called Nora just a few minutes ago and I got her voice mail! Nora, where are you, I ask myself. I rechecked my calendar, made sure we had our time zone differences understood... hmmm, not like her to miss.

So I called her cell phone and this excited, enthusiastic Nora answered.

Me: Hi Nora, it's Nancy.

Nora: Nancy! I'm at the Immigration Rally!

Me: Cool! Well, I guess we need to do this another time.

Nora: I am soooooooooo sorry, I have to be here. You know that.

Me: I'm there with you, Nora. We'll reschedule. Go raise hell!

She passed the phone to Annabelle Arteaga, another awesome comadre so that was fun. They were pumped up, that's for sure.

That's what being a comadre is all about. You suit up and show up when the signal sounds. You get out there and support your gente, raise your fist, your voice, whatever it takes.

So Nora's interview will happen a little later than sooner, but I can't wait to see how the demonstration in Texas went.

Read this Prayer for Immigrant Justice and share it with your friends.

My opinion on the Immigration Debate can be found in one of my favorite posters. An Aztec warrior points his finger at the viewer saying, Who are you calling illegal, pilgrim?

Friday, April 07, 2006

National Hispanic Business Women of OC- NHBWA

I have been a member of the National Hispanic Business Womens' Association (NHBWA) for about 2 years and I just love the group. Yesterday I had the honor of speaking to the group on The 7 Secrets of Big Picture Thinkers. I was told to expect a small group (ouch, my ego!) but it turns out twice as many people showed up as was anticipated (ah, ego mended!) Thanks yet again to Addy Perez Mau of Heaven Sent Jewelry for hooking me up with the bling. She designed a bold necklace with red accents (red is MY color) that dazzled and sparkled.

Pictures will be posted shortly!

Doing this talk several times in the past month is getting me so excited about the upcoming teleclass on the topic- I am happy to be able to delve deeply into each of the 7 secrets without feeling rushed. Interested? Here is a link to learn more.

You know how this blog is all about behind the scenes, but I am going to save the chisme for another day. Here is a tease: I had a BAD experience with a hairdresser the morning of my talk. I believe she was intent on giving me a mullet. If it weren't for life saving hair products, I very well could have been in that boat. More on that another day.

Now just take a peek at my class that is coming up- it's guaranteed to uncover and unleash your big picture skills in no time flat.


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Rain, lots of rain

You know what? It has been damn rainy here in California. Not so much here in the Southland as it has been up north, but still. Mucho agua.

My family in the Bay Area laments that March 2006 was the RAINIEST March in recorded history. Can you hear the shoes sloshing through puddles with that one? And my podcast partner in crime Catherine Bruns lives in Hawaii, which is inundated.

Do we let a few raindrops stop us in our tracks? NO WAY!
One thing I hate about living in Southern California is what a bunch of weather wimps people are. The threat of a sprinkle and the news has Storm Watch, with terrifying graphics and close up shots of gutters rushing with water.

Hello? That's what rain does. It's wet. It rolls in gutters.

So to all my friends in deluged parts, my heart goes out to you. Don't let it get to you. There are going to be some amazing wildflowers soon.

And to everyone in SoCal, just chill out. Put on a raincoat and take your kids on a hike, like me and my friend Stacy did with our kids. The fresh air will do you some good, stimulate your ideas, and brighten your outlook.

Wet socks WILL dry, you know.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Is Emily Cool, or What?

My comadre Emily Robinson, founder and editor of Enterprising Latina magazine, has done something really cool on her website.

She created an audio business directory where Latina entrepreneurs can post a 5 minute audio infomercial. I love this idea and will have mine up in no time.

This is a great example of thinking out of the box. Thank you Emily for the idea!

Interested in audio? My favorite service is Audio Acrobat. They rock. It's so easy to use and has enabled my world domination through amazing audio scheme to unfold.