Friday, April 07, 2006

National Hispanic Business Women of OC- NHBWA

I have been a member of the National Hispanic Business Womens' Association (NHBWA) for about 2 years and I just love the group. Yesterday I had the honor of speaking to the group on The 7 Secrets of Big Picture Thinkers. I was told to expect a small group (ouch, my ego!) but it turns out twice as many people showed up as was anticipated (ah, ego mended!) Thanks yet again to Addy Perez Mau of Heaven Sent Jewelry for hooking me up with the bling. She designed a bold necklace with red accents (red is MY color) that dazzled and sparkled.

Pictures will be posted shortly!

Doing this talk several times in the past month is getting me so excited about the upcoming teleclass on the topic- I am happy to be able to delve deeply into each of the 7 secrets without feeling rushed. Interested? Here is a link to learn more.

You know how this blog is all about behind the scenes, but I am going to save the chisme for another day. Here is a tease: I had a BAD experience with a hairdresser the morning of my talk. I believe she was intent on giving me a mullet. If it weren't for life saving hair products, I very well could have been in that boat. More on that another day.

Now just take a peek at my class that is coming up- it's guaranteed to uncover and unleash your big picture skills in no time flat.


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