Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Rain, lots of rain

You know what? It has been damn rainy here in California. Not so much here in the Southland as it has been up north, but still. Mucho agua.

My family in the Bay Area laments that March 2006 was the RAINIEST March in recorded history. Can you hear the shoes sloshing through puddles with that one? And my podcast partner in crime Catherine Bruns lives in Hawaii, which is inundated.

Do we let a few raindrops stop us in our tracks? NO WAY!
One thing I hate about living in Southern California is what a bunch of weather wimps people are. The threat of a sprinkle and the news has Storm Watch, with terrifying graphics and close up shots of gutters rushing with water.

Hello? That's what rain does. It's wet. It rolls in gutters.

So to all my friends in deluged parts, my heart goes out to you. Don't let it get to you. There are going to be some amazing wildflowers soon.

And to everyone in SoCal, just chill out. Put on a raincoat and take your kids on a hike, like me and my friend Stacy did with our kids. The fresh air will do you some good, stimulate your ideas, and brighten your outlook.

Wet socks WILL dry, you know.

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