Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Red Hot Copy Workshop

This past weekend I attended the Red Hot Copy Speed Copywriting Workshop in LA. It was truly amazing, I really learned a lot about writing effectively to reach your target market. Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero is the hottie behind Red Hot Copy, pictured here. As an aside, Lorrie is one of those women who seemingly never has a bad hair day, bad clothing day, or a bad anything day! She is so nice and genuine, and a master at her art. I love how she shares about her kids and completely related to her commitment to her kids as the impetus behind starting a business.

Here I am with Lorrie posing with her Red Hot Chicken. (The chicken is a little kitchen timer we used during writing exercises, but soon became the co-star of the entire weekend!)

OK, another aside: we had a big section on using testimonials in your copy, but I kept giggling because of the origin of the words testimonial and testify. I heard that in ancient Rome, when one testified, he (remember this was a patriarchal society) held his family jewels I guess the way you put one hand on the bible in certain courts of law. "I swear on all that is holy to me!"

Maybe it's an urban legend, but Lorrie loved it and she shared it with the class. Tee hee!

Now here's a perk you gotta love: Lorrie had a massage therapist on site to give us shoulder rubs! Ahhhh, the bliss. His name is Jason and he is the founder of Taifuchi. If you're in LA or Orange County, I highly recommend him! (That's me getting the kinks worked out of my shoulders)

Now off to apply this newfound knowledge!

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