Monday, May 08, 2006

Kinesthetic Driver Takes Over the Roads!

I'm a learning styles freak and have recently discovered some amazing insights into my own learning style... and I bet you'll get an insight too.

Your learning style is how your brain remembers stuff... that's about as simply put as possible.

Most of us are a combination of visual, auditory, verbal, and kinesthetic styles. We need visual cues, verbal reminders, we need to jot notes and doodle, pace about... little things to help us think.

For the longest time I was convinced that I was overwhelmingly VISUAL. And yes, I am but I have now embraced the sobering fact that I am off the charts KINESTHETIC. In fact, I wonder if I'm as kinesthetic as I am visual.

Telltale Clues: a lifetime of shaking my foot while thinking, pacing, doodling, writing, and a recent discover.

The Moment of Discovery: A couple of weeks ago, my client and comadre Ruth Kunstadter joined me for mole at La Guelaguetza in Los Angeles. Amazing Oaxacan food.

But it wasn't the estofado that gave me the insight.

After lunch I took Ruth on an impromptu drive through East LA. At one point I realized that I wasn't sure how to get back to Union Station to drop off Ruth, and she suggested I ask for directions. I declined. I kept driving.

I have never liked asking for directions, mostly because I can never make sense of what people tell me. I nod my head, drive off then find my own way.


I'm kinesthetic! I have to DRIVE AND BE IN MOTION to make sense of where I am. My animal instincts, my inner compass, are only activated in movement.

So for all of you who are bugged by people who don't ask for directions when lost, think twice. They may not be as pigheaded as you think but simply challenged due to a learning style preference

ahhh, what a relief! I'm not being a sonsa as some have accused me of being (not Ruth). Look at some of the quirks and challenges you have and maybe there is a learning style gem for you.

Interested in your learning style? I like this website a lot:
Learning Styles Online

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