Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Latina Entrepreneur of the Year

Well I had my princess party this weekend and let me tell you it was a blast!

Here I am just off the stage after accepting the award for Small Business/Entrepreneur of the Year from the National Hispanic Business Women's Association.

It was a night to make my mama proud. The event was muy elegante, black and white attire. A room full of amazing, inspiring Latinas and Latinos. I was joined by my sister Zan, and comadres Sandra and Deborah who danced the night away with me and bolstered me when I got overwhelmed y muy emocional.

I dedicated the award to my dad who passed away last year and that got me choked up. My mind drew a blank after that. A slicker person would have talked up her business at that point but I just felt all this love from my dad and my comadres and that was all I needed. The rest will work itself out.

I have a STACK of no less than 15 certificates, commendations, and recognitions from Senators, Congresswomen, Cities, the County, Assembly persons, City Council... hijole!

I also have a big framed proclamation that uses the word "Whereas" at the beginning of each paragraph. When you get the "whereas" proclamation, you've arrived! (Que no?)

The best part of the night was watching future Latina leaders being introduced to the crowd- the cutest chiquititas ages 3-9, beautiful party dresses standing so proud and full of confidence. They were being honored for representing hope for the future. Yes, we cried! It was beautiful.

I didn't have any major problems with hair, nails, dress, shoes, accessories so that was a relief. All was good - we even got commuter mugs with the organization logo to take home. (Ask my sister how she ended up with 8).



Laura Young said...

I am so freakin' silly crazy proud of you I can't stand it!!!
You completely totally rock.
Can't get this smile off my face...not that I want to!
Huge hugs making their way to you from Chicago!!

Ruth said...

Que orgullo!! That is so fabulous!!! And so well deserved! And you look absolutely smashing on top of it all!!!

I am so happy for you and very proud to know you.

Ruth said...

I just tried to post this and it didn't go through, so forgive any duplicates.... but ....

QUE ORGULLO!!! That is so wonderful and so well deserved! And you look absolutely fabulous on top of it all!!!

I am so happy for you and so proud to know you (and totally delighted to be one of your extremely satisfied clients!).

Catherine Bruns said...

You're soooo on your way sista! In fact I think you may have arrived. Don't touch that Nancy Marmolejo or she'll burn your finger right off - ssssttt!

Huge congrats and I've got my own 'Whereas' commendation for you on the way.

To the co-hostess with the mostess!


ruth said...

I keep trying to leave this comment, but it's not going through ... I will try again, though!

I am so happy for you and so proud to know you! No one could deserve this more. Onward and upward!

lady guerrilla painter said...

I always knew you were a star. Let's see you top this... (I know you can! Ha ha!)