Saturday, June 24, 2006

Racist Emails - Keep them Away from Me!

Another pissed off Mexican speaks:

I met a woman a year ago at a networking event who, after trading business cards with me, decided that I needed to be added to her email blast list.

So at first it was all those happy little chain letters with flowers and sappy poems but then recently it started to get downright racist and belligerent.

She sent me something that masqueraded as having a Holy type of message (or holier than thou) about why we need to have her religion and her way of interpreting her religion shoved down the throats of the country as a whole. My Aztec bones began to shudder as I read each word. Veiled behind her message was intolerance and racism. Quite unveiled was her sheer stupidity.

I shot her a note back telling her that
1) I don't want any more of her emails
2) Not to assume that everyone's mind was as closed as hers. I believe I asked her a WWJD question like Who would Jesus bomb/deport/etc.

My mistake was not blocking her address from my email server. Today I got the real doozy.

She sent me an email with "The New California Flag" in the subject line. It was a graphic (poorly done might I add) of the California flag, with our state bear chasing down the famous silhouette of the fleeing border crossing familia. AAAAGGGHHH! I'm still sick to my stomach thinking about it.

I really got pissed at this one and fired off a response that was "write now/think later". I hit reply all because I'm sick of this type of ignorant stupidity.

Here is exactly what I wrote-


I think that this is racist and an absolute insult to me, my family, and my community. I am deeply offended by this and have already requested that you cease sending me your racist right wing chain letters. If this is the underlying agenda of the (networking group name), then I for one will stay away for good.

This type of fear based ignorance is how our society stays in the problem and not in the solution. I feel sorry for all of you who think this is funny or somehow "right".

OK, now to block that pendeja from my list. See, I'm not all smiles and happy faces, I can get downright pissed when provoked.


Ruth said...

Brava, Nancy!

Barbara Ruth Saunders said...

Recently a store keeper railed on and on to me about people of a certain racial group. I do not belong to that group, but I am visibly a member of a different ethnic minority group. I was not particularly surprised that she thinks those things. What was strange to me was that it didn't occur to her that her words would reflect poorly on her and cost her business.