Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Education of Little C

My husband hates hot weather and it's been stifling here this summer. So when he is in charge of our daughter, he prefers to settle in a cool house and run a video.

Having endured Care Bears and Dora for a few years, he's taking the cultural reins and sharing some cool (perhaps unconventional for a 3 year old) movies with little Citlalli. Mind you, this is a child who can identify Bob Marley, Buddha, and Frida Kahlo. I mean identify them in her understanding- according to Citlalli Bob Marley and Buddha are Daddy's friends, Frida Kahlo is actually Mommy.

So here is their heatwave film fest with Citlalli commentary:

Neil Young Heart of Gold
Citlalli likes it when he mentions elements of nature. "He said 'ocean!'" He is now known as Uncle Neil.

Waking Life
Mom: "What's this movie about?"
Citlalli: "It's about people."


No Direction Home
"His name is Bob? Like Bob Marley? Are they friends?"

I think of Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird who learned to read at age 3 by sitting with Atticus as he read the daily paper. With Citlalli's musical education, I'm wondering where she'll go.

Oh and she gives a big thumbs up to the new Michael Franti CD.

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