Monday, July 31, 2006

NLBWA San Diego

When I told people in my last issue of the Pocket Comadre that I would be speaking in San Diego to the National Latina Business Women's Association, I got emails wishing me a great trip. I know it must sound far away, but San Diego isn't really THAT far from me, and the north side of the county (where my speaking engagement was) is a good 25 miles north of the city of San Diego. So all in all, I drove less than 90 minutes each way and what an amazing drive! Imagine a sunny day on the California coast, unclogged freeways, ocean views from the highway. It was heavenly.

In the picture above (I'm in the middle) you see Victoria Spencer of Fiesta Imports on the left. Fascinating woman- a background in anthropology and a world traveler, she opened this store filled with wonderful folk art and textiles from Latin America. I'm wearing a hand tied silk shawl from Columbia which I ended up going home with- lucky me!

On the right is author Sylvia Mendoza holding up her book The Book Of Latina Women: 150 Vidas of Passion, Strength, and Success . Sylvia invited me to speak to this group after attending one of my teleclasses. She was so inspired by what she got out of the class that she created a college course based on her book and will be teaching it this fall. Go Sylvia!

When I finish a speaking engagement my head is always buzzing, so I just turn the radio off and drive home with Radio Nancita blaring in my head: replays of conversations and feelings of immense gratitude for meeting such cool people. It's a cross between mind chatter and prayer chanting.

I got home just in time to rest for a half hour, then picked up my daughter and we went to our Aztec dance practice. (I'll be blogging more on Danza Azteca soon- we're a great little group of dedicated people, all ages, all ability levels. Let me just say that deep knee bends and lunges are off my list so I hunker along as best as I can!)

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