Saturday, August 19, 2006

Ice Cream, Grit Under the Car Seat and Other Highlights From a La Vida Loca

Today was a restless day punctuated with cravings for sweets and the desire to GET OUT of the house. My husband wasn't feeling well so I invited 3 year old Citlalli to have some girl fun with mom. How could she refuse, we're BFFs.

Ice cream was on my mind. Either Watson's old fashioned drugstore/fountain in Old Towne Orange, or maybe Ben and Jerry's?

Using an ice cream date as the carrot on the stick, I got Citlalli to eat ALL of her frijoles, half an avocado, and take a gummy bear vitamin. Each time she put up a fuss I mentioned how poor little me would just have to go eat all that ice cream alone... well, it worked and she gobbled her dinner up.

She had vanilla in a chocolate sprinkle waffle cone and I had a scoop of strawberry cheesecake in a cup if you're curious. While we ate she decided that her name would now be Sparkle Girl and I'd be Ice Cream Girl. Later on I was renamed Raindrop Girl which I like a whole lot better and sounds way more Ben and Jerry-ish.

Next to the Ben and Jerry's is a new Hooka Lounge. I wasn't sure what that meant til I saw the Hooka pipes on the counter and hand written warnings on the windows warning everyone that this was a place to smoke and that pregnant women shouldn't come in. Then that reminded me of a bizarre craving I had for tobacco when I was pregnant (I don't smoke and I didn't fulfill the craving but it was odd).

As I was strapping Citlalli into her carseat on our way out, I couldn't believe how dirty the car was. Imagine a mix of cheerios, sand, twigs, leaves, broken crayons, and doll parts all ground into the rug of a car. It was disgusting. And whose fingernails were those? Eeek.

We had to go through a full 2 rounds of vaccuming, that means $2.00 of heavy duty vacuuuming! We didn't have any rags with us so using the carwash was out, but as soon as we got home we set to work on making our wagon sparkle.

I have neighbors who are compulsive car washers. We are the occasional car washers. My philosophy is "why bother? It will be covered in fingerprints and cheerios tomorrow?" But every now and then the bug bites me and I feel oh so California out there with my bucket and sponge.

Actually if I were super OC I'd go to some place and have my car washed for me, but the way they set up the carwashes is so voyeuristic. Anyhow, I feel a rant coming on and I don't want you to see me lose it right now. It's too good a day.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Cardio Azteca

That's my nickname for Thursday evening practices with the Danza Azteca group I joined.

I'd been looking for a danza group near me for so long, and as life always does, things worked out perfectly for me.

A young couple decided that they wanted to help heal the community through danza, so they brought the drum outside, and let it call those who were ready to hear it. It just happened that my good friend lives across the street and she called me immediately.

Danza Azteca is sacred dance, strenuous, and filled with references to nature, dieties, and history. Each dance tells a story or gives honor. It has been an incredible experience for both me and my daughter. She hops around the circle for a while, shakes a sonaja, then leaves to play with her little friends, but I try to stick it out. We dance for about an hour then we spend the next hour telling stories, learning nahuatl, and sharing what's on our minds. (That's called palabra, or word.)

My knees can't do the acrobatics and lunges known to danza Azteca, but my feet keep the best rhythm they can, my corazon is in the right place, and my daughter is learning about her culture that books could never capture.

I found a clip of some danza on It's actually a stage performance, a real danza ceremonia is performed in a big circle outside. But it can give you an idea if you're unfamiliar.

Here are some cool links if you want to read up more on la cultura Azteca and how it lives on today:
Mexicayotl Cultural Center
Learn Nahuatl
Danza Terms

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

La Diva Latina in Print!

As much as we all love the paperless world of online living, nothing compares to thumbing through a good old fashioned paper magazine. You can bend the pages, listen to the flipping sound as you turn them, fan yourself while contemplating what you've read, even swat a fly or two with it when you're done.

The other day I received a paper version of Jennese Torres' cool magazine La Diva Latina, and it was great! I love reading her magazine online, but the hard copy was really cool. My favorite articles were about the boricuas who are embracing their Taino roots. Way to go, hermanas! Looks like someone out my way sent you some white sage.

Did you get a chance to meet Jennese on my podcast Release Your Inner Loca? She is so funny. I sent out an email blast promoting the podcast I did after hers (with vampire loca Marta Acosta), and Jen immediately emailed me "Where's MY email blast?"

That's what I love about her- so direct and to the point. Muy NYC. Out here in California, we just let things slide but that NY directness always reminds me that it's OK to ask for what you want.

Make sure you subscribe to Jen's online magazine La Diva Latina and follow what she's up to. She is definately one to watch.

Friday, August 04, 2006

New Logo for Release Your Inner Loca

Well, all those years of helping my talented niece with college applications, life, and everything else have finally paid off! Here is my new logo, thanks to the talented skills of Kati P. What do you think?
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