Tuesday, August 15, 2006

La Diva Latina in Print!

As much as we all love the paperless world of online living, nothing compares to thumbing through a good old fashioned paper magazine. You can bend the pages, listen to the flipping sound as you turn them, fan yourself while contemplating what you've read, even swat a fly or two with it when you're done.

The other day I received a paper version of Jennese Torres' cool magazine La Diva Latina, and it was great! I love reading her magazine online, but the hard copy was really cool. My favorite articles were about the boricuas who are embracing their Taino roots. Way to go, hermanas! Looks like someone out my way sent you some white sage.

Did you get a chance to meet Jennese on my podcast Release Your Inner Loca? She is so funny. I sent out an email blast promoting the podcast I did after hers (with vampire loca Marta Acosta), and Jen immediately emailed me "Where's MY email blast?"

That's what I love about her- so direct and to the point. Muy NYC. Out here in California, we just let things slide but that NY directness always reminds me that it's OK to ask for what you want.

Make sure you subscribe to Jen's online magazine La Diva Latina and follow what she's up to. She is definately one to watch.


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