Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Big Award Ceremony

Just got back from receiving the Anna Maria Arias Award at the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 27th National Convention and it was amazing.

It was the first time I've left Citlalli and Dad for 2 nights and miracle of all miracles... they survived! (Quite nicely, might I add.)

The awards ceremony was elegant, beautiful, emotional, inspiring... a heartfelt tribute to Anna Maria Arias and the women of her legacy.

As much as I enjoyed myself, I have to admit that the festivities weren't all about me or the other awardees.

Oh no, not by a long shot.

Another woman stepped up and occupied a joyful time in the limelight.

If you really want to know...


Bunny is this bouyant, energetic woman with more enthusiasm than people half her age. She'd never been to a convention like this before, never been "networking", yet she handled herself like a pro. Armed with a pocket of my business cards, she went forth with my segunda mama Nora from Las Comadres and together they conquered the convention hall.

Key people... the kind that you have to muster up nerve to talk to ... came up to me. Did they say, "Oh hello, Nancy and congratulations"? Not at first. First they had to say, "Oh Nancy, I just met your mother and she's WONDERFUL!" She is a PR machine without even knowing it. (Here she is having drinks with Doug from Wells Fargo).

Out of the corner of my eye I'd see her talking with her hands telling people all about how I help Latina business owners, adding her own little touches like a story or two about grandkids, how she discovered Shakespeare at age 70, then expertly weave it back to business. It was really amazing. She was deputized on the spot and is now my Corporate Relations Specialist. Gotta get her cards now! This is raw natural talent.

We met several cool people from Wells Fargo Bank (they co-sponsor the award), LATINA Style magazine, and the US Hispanic Chamber. The Expo hall was filled with everything from the phone company to official delegations from Latin America. Imagine a mariachi strolling the aisles as you're amassing a bounty of SWAG.

The award is gorgeous and it is proudly on display. Last night I went to a Comadrazo for Las Comadres and showed a DVD with clips of us all. (Remember I wrote about the film crew in my house?)

I had been advising several clients to get massages recently to alleviate the stress they've been under, and decided to treat myself to a hot stone massage the day after I arrived. It feels good to be back home, back in touch with clients, and feeling the euphoria linger.


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