Thursday, September 07, 2006

Where did Summer Go?

Weather wise, it is hot as H-E-double toothpicks, but it's not really summer. The days are getting shorter, the kids are back to school. August was really a great month, and here are a few snippets from my life.

Yet another niece heading to college!
OK, we've got Kati and Julia at art colleges in the Bay Area, now high school senior Allie is looking to come to SoCal for college next year. I hope so- I told her she could do laundry at my house and babysit! (See how I snuck in babysit- genius, pure genius).

She came down with my sister Jeanne and toured some colleges and I am crossing my fingers that she gets accepted at the one closest to me.

While they were down here, my other sister Suzanne/Zan/Suzy/Sue met us at Jeanne and hubby's friend's house for an incredible dinner. We had the most amazing meal. Let me just say, when you are going to dinner at a famous food writer's house, you bring a plant. Or a scented candle, or a book, or anything but food. Why? This guy is DA HOOK UP for gourmet food. Humboldt Fog cheese, burrata or "mozzarella crack" as I call it, cured meats that I can't pronounce, etc etc etc. The only thing I could offer was a correct pronunciation on the famed restaurant La Guelaguetza. Other than that I just ate, smiled, and appreciated!

Us 3 sisters kept the air full of conversation and good cheer. (Don't you love our Osmond family smiles?)

August 28 I had the absolute good fortune to attend Handmade Galleries customer appreciation party. Andy Spyros is my hero! She put on a great party and I shopped til I dropped in her store. I have stocking stuffers checked off my list for the holidays.

Citlalli and Andy's daughter Zoe had a blast running through the store (nothing broken). Zoe showed Citlalli the ropes of how to play in the store without causing major damage. I don't know how they did it, but they did. Zoe is the older and wiser one.

This month has travel to Philadelphia (my nerves are shaking!) for the heretofore unidentified award, then off to the Crafty Chica Cruise, then up to the Bay Area in October. I'm not used to all this excitement but I'm loving it while it lasts.

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