Thursday, October 19, 2006

Something to Declare

So I have now wrapped up 3 back to back trips and am really glad to NOT be in an airplane, conference room, or foreign bed. It turns out that I am a high maintenance person masquerading as a laid back comadre, as my restless sleep, motion sickness, and unending tiredness point out.

In my last post I alluded to my seasick tendencies while on the Carnival Paradise with my comadre Crafty Chica. What I didn't mention was that a quote from the movie Snatch kept coming up in my head:

"Anything to declare?"
"Yeah, don't go to England."

Except my version says "Yeah, don't go on cruises!"

But there's a happy ending and yet another plug for non-traditional medicines.

2 weeks after the cruise, I was a guest at Kelly O'Neil's UpLevel Intensive. This was a spectacular business building seminar (which she is repeating in February and you ought not miss). However I felt like crap the first couple of days, still feeling like I was bobbing on the SS Paradise. I met a wonderful chiropractor there who was interested in my situation, and she suggested a little neck adjustment.

As much as I love chiros, I still haven't gotten comfortable with the idea of someone's hands clutching my neck, but Kim had this great distraction technique to get me to relax and BOOM-CRACKA-LACKA she tweaked me so good it sounded like firecrackers going off.

Dizziness and queasiness: gone.

High five to Dr. Kim and her miracle technique.

When you're a solopreneur, your health can make or break your business. I made a decision to really focus on my wellness. November and December are going to be light months for me, no big new pushes (none that I'm instigating, anyhow).

Oh, and staying on dry land is a major component of my new wellness regimen.

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Crafty Chica said...

oh,i hope you are feeling better! you know what is weird? patrick was still sea sick for two weeks after the trip too. is that common? he is finally better!!! but he promises to go with me next time ;-)
kathy :-)