Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Will Cruise for Crafts

Well I'm officially Fresh off the Boat!

That would be the Crafty Chica Creativity Cruise, a lovely 4 days bobbing at sea on a large cruise vessel, The Carnival Paradise.

Kathy Cano Murillo (Crafty Chica) is perhaps the most positive, upbeat person I have ever met. She is so sincere, so funny, and LOVES to spread the gospel of glitter throughout the world. Her husband Patrick is awesome too, they are one of those great couples that makes you believe in the power of love.

So where are the pics? Still in my camera. I'll post them soon.

Accompanying me on the cruise were my mom (she's my sidekick!) and my tia Auntie Tallo. (Say "Tie-oh"). Used to be Chayo, but through the miracles of Spanglish she became Tallo.

OK, I will never go on a cruise again, simply because I get motion sickness and spent half of Sunday wishing the world would stop bobbing. But for Kathy, I'd do it. She was great and treated us all as if we were her special guests. My mom and aunt had a blast too. We made shrines and cards and jewelry... with lots of Frida, Virgen de Guadalupe and glitter.

My daughter enjoyed the kid activities and made a great amiguita in Pilar, her new fave 4 year old pal.

I came home to find my web connection AND telephone out of service and the phone company says it may be til Thursday. Yikes! so I'm working from my cell phone and blasting this blog out from the public library. Yay for internet Hot Spots!

My head and stomach still feel like they're on the ocean, but let's hope that subsides soon. Am I a wimp traveler? Hope not because there is one more trip to the Bay Area in a week.

If you have any cruise stories to share, please comment away. I had many insights on cruise indulgence culture that I'll share at a later date, but all in all it was a very interesting experience.


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