Friday, November 24, 2006

Learn Spanish, the spicy way

My cyber comadre Maya is a wonderfully eclectic and interesting woman. When we first met online 3 years ago, she was living in Oregon. Her kids were these world travelers going on exchange programs to Brazil and Germany as teens. She teaches mindful meditation and offers a host of classes to take online.

Then Maya and hubby moved to Mazatlan, which was a big thrill for me because my grandparents were from a pueblo not too far from Mazatlan. Just as I got comfortable with her being in Mexico, they decided to move to Buenos Aires! Can you imagine the dietary contrasts? I hear that in Argentina you're hard pressed to find a salad anywhere, and that eating beef is a national pastime. With my Mazatlan tropical / California healthy tendencies, I can't imagine a day without lots of fruits and veggies.

Well all that iron in the bloodstream must be doing something to Miss Maya because in a quest to improve her Spanish, she has started The Sexy Spanish Club. Bored with the traditional Spanish classes, Maya has assembled a group of ex-pats to learn Spanish by writing steamy letters to imaginary lovers. Guided by a fun teacher, they are taking language acquisition to a whole new level!

Check out The Sexy Spanish Club blog... then either grab your honey or take a cold shower!!!

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