Monday, November 20, 2006

Photo Updates-

If you're on dial up, go grab a bite or something while this page loads. For the rest of you, here are some photos that I've been wanting to put up for ages.

Here it is November, and I'm still blogging about the Crafty Chica Cruise! This photo was from the Captain's dinner, that's where you get all dolled up and go to dinner. Lobster, desserts... yum! My seasickness was subsiding during this as I downed a lobster like it was nobody's business. That's me, Bunny, and Auntie Tallo. Citlalli was having a cookies and milk party at the Kid Camp Carnival.
To see the really good pics, check out the ones on Kathy's blog.

After the cruise I went to Kelly O'Neil's Uplevel Intensive. Here I am with my new comadres Laura Figueroa, Denise Trifeletti, Linda Hollander, Kim Jameson, Mary Pat Sorenson, and that's me on the right.

This is one of my favorites. How many princess ballerinas does it take the shred the Trike Track at KidSpace Museum in Pasadena? Right after this we had a celeb sighting: Jason "My Name is Earl" Lee, wife, and son enjoying the Pumpkin Fest. He dresses like Earl off the set. OK, not to be catty, just an observation. Plaid flannel shirt, backpack... whatever! He wasn't a princess ballerina, though.

2nd Annual Indigenous Womens Conference, Orange County, CA

Myself, Jacqui Garza, and Terri Lawrence were some of the speakers at this recent indigenous women's conference. I really admire Jacqui and Terri for being who they are. Jacqui spoke of surviving domestic abuse and Terri shared the history of Two-Spirit people. She did it so eloquently and with such dignity, anyone who came in w/ any preconceived notions quickly had a paradigm shift. I spoke on a spirituality panel with Corene Graywolf and danzante Virginia Carmelo.

Lorena Ortega showed what it's all about in this pic. Here she is with her baby in arms, running the show and being a great MC. She also spoke on surviving violence and her story would make an incredible movie.

This is Lupe Lopez, Director of Alianza Indigena and the inspiration behind all of this. She amazes me. This woman is a true community treasure. With her is health advocate and awesome mujer Rhonda Folsom.

Big shout outs to all the amazing women who went, the panelists who shared their stories, and Alianza Indigena for doing beautiful work in the community. Hi to Blanca Gordo, Dr. Emily Chavez, Tia Martha Collins and everyone else who traveled far to join us.

Come early November and we have Citlalli's birthday. Here I am at her preschool bringing cupcakes and celebrating with her. Right after that I went to a luncheon for National Latina Business Womens Association and saw even more comadres. I am in green, did you notice? That's a new color for me. I always wear red or black, this was going out on a limb. any comments?

Oh, and look who washed ashore in Long Beach to join me for dinner! It is none other than coach Catherine Bruns, my podcast partner and true soulmate. We can sit and talk for hours in person or on the phone. This was our annual get together. Next year I think I'll have to bite the bullet and meet her at her home in Hawaii.

Next we went to San Diego for a 90th birthday party, squeezed in a birthday party for Citlalli at Disneyland and now it's Thanksgiving.

Yes, this was a long update, but now I can get on w/ things! You wonder why I'm taking time off in November and December... all this fun can tire a person out!

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