Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I should be working right now (ooh, bad choice of words... "should")

Let me rephrase that: I am choosing not to work right now. (ahh, much better. More honesty)

It's sort of a crappy day and I need cheering up, so instead of working on THE NEW BOOK PROJECT I am happily watching videos on my new fave upload network VOY.TV

wanna join me? You can spare 3 minutes right? It's not like we're renting a movie and wasting a whole afternoon. Just a few delicious moments in time..

Voyeur http://www.voytv.com/video/?l=45702

OK, now this one is total 5th grade humor but it cracked me up!

So go to VOY TV and sign up, it's free and fun and all that. There is another one called Filmmaking 101 that was hysterical... had some profanity so I'm not going to put it up but look for it and watch it. It was pretty darn funny.


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