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Blog Tag: Why I Blog

Thank you comadre and fab chica Laura Young for inviting me to play blog tag with her. Laura was asked why she blogged and wrote an amazing post on it. Laura is such a damn good writer! This woman needs a 6 book deal, that's my opinion.

Blog tag is when one blogger asks a question to other bloggers. When the new players answer, they need to do a link back to the post. Easy breezy.

I write 2 blogs, this one and The Savvy Comadre. Each one has a great "Why" attached to it, but I'm choosing to work from this one as it's my longest running blog and the place where my brain gets a good workout.

Now I get to answer the question: Why Do I Blog?

1. It's The Newspaper Column I've Always Wanted to Write
I am not a professional writer by any means, but have had a couple articles that people paid me to write. Writing was so much fun... but the editors drove me batty! So in my perfect little world, I have complete editorial control and am not asked to change things here and there that made no sense to me.

2. Because I Love Instant Results
As a coach, people pay me good money to be patient with them - and I love being able to do that for them. But after a full day of being patient, it's nice to do something that yields instant results! Instant global presence... it doesn't get any better than that.

3. I Never Caught Knitting Fever, Guess I'll Stick to Blogging
This echoes the sentiment of #2. So many things take precision, correcting, studying, laboring (name any needle craft) and I was the type of person who'd make a mistake early on, but didn't want to deal with it by ripping it out and starting over. My knitted scarves always had strange shapes to them evidence of my Speedy Gonzalez DNA. With a blog, you can mess up and fixing things is no biggie.

4. I Don't Need to Focus or Niche Myself Here
My website has a specific purpose: to generate business, build name recognition, grow my prospects, and offer resources. What I put on my website fits into those general categories. My blog, however (this blog in particular) has no parameters. It is my life as it happens. Ultimately it does reflect my business because my personality is part of both. But no one wants to read about me losing my car keys when what they're looking for are great marketing solutions for their small businesses.

5. Sometimes I cuss, complain and vent. Yes, I admit it. But here, you'll still love me.
It's all in context, right? Remember what a stir the "f" word caused in Catcher in the Rye? Well, he was just reading it off a wall, it wasn't said to be vulgar. In context, it all makes sense (the book burners never actually read CITR, they just heard it had a bad word and needed to ban it.)
I do, however, try always to tie a positive lesson to each harrowing event.

6. I can be real here.
The ongoing serial of my life as outlined on these hallowed pages creates a complete picture. So yes, if I lose my damn keys you'll see how it ties into a string of events and lessons learned. When my dad died, I blogged about it and got support from people all over the world. In front of you, I've laughed and cried. I can be real here.

If it's not fun or authentic I don't want it. This blog lets me have both of those by giving me an outlet to tie business, life, you, and me into one beautiful big picture.

Now I'm tagging these awesome bloggers and asking them to answer the question, "Why do I blog?" Don't forget to link back to this post when you put your answers up.

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I love all things creative and this blog always gives me a great place to see creativity married to the tangible. Renee, the author, doesn't even know I exist but I love her blog and why not take this moment to properly introduce ourselves???

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Laura Lind Blum is a creative mind extraordinaire. Her blog delivers playful strategies for birthing your creative contributions...without so much pushing

The game is on!

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