Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Signs of Spring: Bears Awakening, Snakes Shedding

The sleeping bear in me has awoken and is hungry for spring berries and tasty snacks. The snake in me is shedding her skin and is ready to emerge as a refreshed creature.

My creativity has awoken after spending winter focused on ways to deal with a sick mom, sick kids, and other things that life pops your way. So much energy went into worrying about Bunny (my mom) and the colon cancer she is dealing with, I didn't realize how much it took out of me.

Wisely, I went into hibernation in December. I really laid low, and slowly emerged in January finding the loving mentorship of Kendall Summerhawk, my coach. Her "How to Charge What You're Worth... And Get It" product helped me see my business in a whole new light.

So lately I'm grappling and the waking bear and skin shedding snake are restless but know that they are in transformation.

When I first started Comadre Coaching, I considered myself a life coach. Creativity was my focus and helping you release your inner loca my mission.

Then as I grew and developed, I discovered a love of marketing and how creative and wonderful that line of coaching is. So more and more my business transformed into marketing for creatively wonderful and often quirky women entrepreneurs. I learned in the last 18 months that creatively quirky and wonderful must also be accompanied by the willingness to commit to the coaching process, and the value of what I do.

Last year around this time, my awakening animal spirits gave me the courage to let go of my bottom 10%, the clients who took more than they gave both emotionally and financially.

This year I am looking at how my being a comadre ties into marketing.

Comadre Coaching really has a nice ring to it and explains a lot (if you know that comadre means trusted friend, advisor, confidant).

But how do I translate that to helping business owners establish themselves as experts? How do I make it work with a marketing and visibility focus?

So my shedding skin and bear growls of today have to do with my own branding. Do I need to rebrand myself to clearly communicate to smart business owners that I can help them get noticed by the right people? That I have the "It" factor and can teach you to have it too?

I'm obviously thinking aloud here. I've thought aloud on a few entrepreneurial message boards and mused this over with my mastermind partners.

I'm writing this so that people know there is a real human being behind this business. That we all face challenges. That our animal spirits call us to do things we wouldn't normally do.

I'm grateful to this restlessness and insatiable curiosity, I truly believe it will take me to the next level. How that will happen is not currently in my control.

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Ruth Kunstadter said...

Nancy, what a cool post! I can't wait to see what emerges ...

un besote,

Nancita said...

thanks Ruth. I think you understand as much as anyone close to me how we are constantly changing and growing together!

You're awesome, btw. If only I could clone you and the wonderful people you've introduced me to (like Carol, et al).

love you!

Julie-Bug said...

All this animal talk has made me long for a trip to Muir Woods or a similar camping ground. Let's plan something along those lines for a summer getaway!

Nancita said...

I'm all for it, you bring the marshmallows, I'll bring the coleman stove!