Friday, May 25, 2007

God Wants Me to Dump Vista

I won't whine and bitch about how much I hate Vista. I have already shared those thoughts and don't want to be known as some kind of chronic belly acher.

However, all around me are signs that Vista must cease and I'm taking it as spiritual permission to dump this puppy and move on.

I was pretty pissed at Dell computers, Bill Gates, whoever invented Vista, and the PC world in general, but I worked hard at battling this evil force with grace and dignity. Yes, I admit, I wanted to tear the hair out of Dell's customer service department and worse, but I'm over it.

I am tracking comments by other people and taking their lead. A few weeks back I commented on Suzanne Falter Barns' blog while she was having hellish times with Vista. I sat on the fence deciding whether I should stick it out with Vista or go Mac. Different people told me different things. Then today I read Suzanne's blog and she's gotten rid of her Vista and is snuggling happily with her Mac.

Well world, I'm ready to make the jump. I have someone who wants the Vista (God bless her) and it's a win-win for us all. I know there will be a learning curve and also that the Mac version of QuickBooks is funky, but I have a PC laptop for all that.

Losing this PC will be like leaving an emotionally abusive relationship. I deserve love. I deserve a Mac.

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Crafty Chica said...

YAY!!! you are a mac person, you'll see. i'm so happy for you i just want to drive over to anaheim right now and celebrate!!!