Sunday, June 17, 2007

Serious Law of Attraction Karmic Ka-Ching!

I am soooooooooooooooooo on a roll it's just exhilirating.

A week ago, I met with the most wonderful healer, Dr. Elena Esparza of Just Breathe Healing in L.A. She is a chiropractor, herbalist, energy work expert, and a life coach without calling herself that.

She recommended as part of my treatment that I do the following each day:
1. Practice gratitude
2. List my basic accomplishments for each day (even if it's just making my bed)
3. Adopt the persona of The Serene Queen and give myself nightly foot baths.

I was feeling stressed out when I saw her, so this advice was taken to heart. I REALLY focused on gratitude througout the day. Here is a report out of the week's karmic ka-ching as a result:

1. My livingroom was painted by two amazing professional artists and a friend and I never once lifted a paint brush.

2. I was invited to speak at a business seminar.

3. I was invited to deliver the keynote presentation to the Latina Style magazine Business Series on June 29 in LA.

4. My website was offline Thursday morning so I alerted my webmaster, Anita. Turns out all of iPower Web (soon to be my former web host) was out. Anita was so grateful that I notified her (and apparently saved her lots of headaches) that she gave me a year of free hosting. Wow!

5. While my website was offline, I took advantage of the non-cyber world and attended the end of year luau (complete with Polynesian dancers) at my daughter's pre-school.

6. After the luau, the director of the school offered to take Citlalli the next day (a day she normally doesn't attend) FREE OF CHARGE so she can enjoy the luau again.

7. I went for a consultation with a person and the topic got around to her business and she ended up giving me the entire consultation and perks for free because our business conversation gave her so much value.

8. Dell computers, who I have this dislike/hate relationship with, sent me a check for $90. Turns out I overpaid them for something related to that piece of plastic they sold me in March.

9. At Handmade Galleries' fundraiser, Citisearch was there filming a short clip on the store. They needed someone to play the role of an enthusiastic patron. Andy (the owner, also my friend and client) asked me to do that. My wow line: "Handmade Galleries is like Melrose without the attitude!" Great, cut, print, ka-ching!

I am keeping my heart, soul, and mind on gratitude. If this isn't Law of Attraction in action, then I don't know what is!

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