Saturday, July 28, 2007

My Web Launch Fantasy: The Brand Baby Shower

Yes, Viva Visibility, my new website and pet project will launch August 1, "God willin' and the river don't rise", as my Louisiana friend J.M. says.

I really thought it would have been up by July 15. What was I thinking? My goodness, let me tell you that launching a new website is like having quintuplets.

You see, I'm feeling like I did when I was 9 months pregnant. You're like, "Come on, come out would you!!! For the love of God, come out!!!" I passed a mirror and I was actually waddling, I kid you not. This web baby of mine needs to birth so badly!

OK, so here's my idea: A Brand Baby Shower.

You sit in a chair and friends come to visit you for cake and party games, just like a regular baby shower. But instead of layette sets and yet another wall hanging with a giraffe, you get...

Stuff for your new brand!!

This is my fantasy. Here is how it plays out:

I open a gift. I pull back the tissue to reveal: THE PERFECT LOGO!

"OH! It's just perfect! Look how balanced and sophisticated it is. It has energy and i bet will look great on a T-shirt!"

My friends blush.

Next gift:

"Wow! A new website. This is awesome, I am so going to need this. Oh how cute, you even figured out the perfect words to put on the navigation buttons! Thanks so much!"

What can be better? Next gift please...

"Stop it, you guys are spoiling me! This is the best web copy I have EVER seen. Oh my gosh, you even allude subtly to some upsells. Wow, that is going to be amazing when it goes live."

"Thank you so much everyone" I say sheepishly.

"Nancy, that's not all! Here is something we all chipped in on..."

They wheel out a huge box. What can it be? The suspense! The drama!

"We know how much this site means to you, so we all took time out of our schedules and compiled this list of the BEST KEYWORDS AND KEYWORD PHRASES FOR YOUR SITE!"

I begin to weep tears of joy.

"I don't know how to thank you for all this work, all this caring, all this devotion".

At this point my fantasy blurs back into reality and I see my computer screen fall into focus. Rather than write another page of web copy, it seems I have found myself on this blog stretching my imagination muscles a bit.

I could really use a baby shower like that about now, though!

And by the way, come see my baby Aug 1 when hits the web!


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Out and Visible: Latina Style Business Series a Huge Success

Friday June 29, I got the great honor to be the luncheon keynote speaker at Latina Style magazine's Business Series seminar held in Los Angeles.

I'm pictured here with (left to right) Rodri Rodriguez, President of IRDOR Entertainment; then there's me that hard to spot tall chica; next is Maria Contreras-Sweet, President of Promerica Bank and one helluva woman; on the far right is TV personality Elizabeth Espinosa of Fox TV 11. She is really funny.

Seated at my table were Barbosa Polverini, president of SoCal Development (the lady owns a construction company- how cool is that!), and the Honorable Rosario Marin. Take out a dollar bill and look for her signature, it's on there.

This event was filled with movers and shakers, trailblazers, and even a movie star!

My big sis Zan (Suzanne) joined me for the day. She looked fabulous as always in her white suit. She is the mother of the two talented artists Kati and Julia.

And here I am with my good comadre and mastermind partner, Alicia Maciel. Alicia and I understand each other so well. She gave me a pep talk before and after the speech. She gave me a huge hug after the keynote and said, "Girl, you have ARRIVED!".

Talking to a large crowd of Latina leaders and entrepreneurs was inspiring and my words to them were about stepping out of our limiting beliefs and truly embracing the roles of trailblazers in business and in life.

Much thanks to Robert Bard and the staff of Latina Style magazine for inviting me to be a part of this wonderful event!