Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Out and Visible: Latina Style Business Series a Huge Success

Friday June 29, I got the great honor to be the luncheon keynote speaker at Latina Style magazine's Business Series seminar held in Los Angeles.

I'm pictured here with (left to right) Rodri Rodriguez, President of IRDOR Entertainment; then there's me that hard to spot tall chica; next is Maria Contreras-Sweet, President of Promerica Bank and one helluva woman; on the far right is TV personality Elizabeth Espinosa of Fox TV 11. She is really funny.

Seated at my table were Barbosa Polverini, president of SoCal Development (the lady owns a construction company- how cool is that!), and the Honorable Rosario Marin. Take out a dollar bill and look for her signature, it's on there.

This event was filled with movers and shakers, trailblazers, and even a movie star!

My big sis Zan (Suzanne) joined me for the day. She looked fabulous as always in her white suit. She is the mother of the two talented artists Kati and Julia.

And here I am with my good comadre and mastermind partner, Alicia Maciel. Alicia and I understand each other so well. She gave me a pep talk before and after the speech. She gave me a huge hug after the keynote and said, "Girl, you have ARRIVED!".

Talking to a large crowd of Latina leaders and entrepreneurs was inspiring and my words to them were about stepping out of our limiting beliefs and truly embracing the roles of trailblazers in business and in life.

Much thanks to Robert Bard and the staff of Latina Style magazine for inviting me to be a part of this wonderful event!



Diane said...

You totally deserve this honor, Nancy! Wonderful news!

Ruth Kunstadter said...

Nancy, mil felicidades!! How do you say "YOU ROCK!" in Spanish??