Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Radio Capicu to Get Bien Loca on Wed August 15

My NY compadre George Torres (of Sofrito for Your Soul fame) recently invited me to be a guest on his new radio show, Radio Capicu. First I had to learn what Capicu meant! Contrary to popular belief, not all Latinos use the same phrases. Turns out it’s a word you say in dominoes when you do something really amazing. Perfect name for his show as he celebrates poetry, culture, and topics of interest to the Latino/Urban community worldwide.

I get to talk about my favorite topic: How to Release Your Inner Loca! (Or “loco” for you vatos out there. Do they say vato in NY, I wonder?)Learn my 5 favorite ways to unleash your bold, creative self with fun, irreverence, self love, and empowerment.

Date: August 15, 2007
Time – 6:30 pm Eastern , 3:30pm Pacific Time

Go online to listen:

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