Monday, August 13, 2007

A Scathing Review of El Cantante!

I have not seen El Cantante yet, starring Marc Anthony and his esposa J-Lo. After reading my comadre Jennese "La Diva Latina" Torres' ferocious review, I may wait for it to come to DVD.

Jennese is a die-hard J-Lo fan, in fact she lined up at 5am to see her icon in the Bronx earlier this year. But hijole did she rip into this movie. BIG TIME. I could feel her disappointment with the whole project.

You have to read it yourself- you'll love it. I just wish she had a comments link on that page so we could join her on the dialogue of WHY Hector Lavoe's drug addiction was the focus of the movie rather than his musical talent. She derides Marc Anthony for playing stereotypical roles of gangsters and drug addicts.

Here's a great snippety snippet which I TOTALLY agree with:
Latinos have enough drug addicts on mainstream media. We don't need to portray ourselves in such denegration. You don't see red-blooded Americans saying "Elvis Presley - the King - the drug addict. Wasn't he the biggest druggie? No. We just hear about his rock and roll music, how he changed music forever, and that's what made him KING. Not the drugs, not that he died on the freakin' toilet bowl. (Read the bios of both LaVoe and Presley on wikipedia and see what I'm talking about. Elvis was the KING. La Voe was strung out.)

So let's turn this conversation to codependency and enabling. I admit, I haven't seen the movie yet, but from the trailers it looks like J-Lo's character's unhealthy codependency defines her character as a "good woman". Am I off base? For those who've seen it, can you enlighten me? Because I am tired of movies that portray the long suffering woman, especially the one who allows the disease of addiction to reduce her identity to that of caretaker and enabler. I know that J-Lo and Ben Affleck got engaged right after he completed rehab, a big no-no in the philosophy of healthy recovery. So is she an untreated codependent and that is coming through yet again here?

Food for thought.

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