Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Bear Surfaces to Scratch Her Ear

Sometimes while I'm sleeping in my cave of hibernation, I toss over and flip my paws, wondering if anyone is missing me on my blog.

I'm in hibernation, you see.

I've spent so many years emulating the eagle and the hummingbird, I overlooked the powerful medicine the bear has to offer. (Thanks to my bear friend Jacqui for reminding me of the power of bear medicine). Eagles and hummingbirds are real "can-do" animal guides. Combined, they are the highest and the fastest, the speed metal headbangers of the medicine wheel. I like velocity and being the best, it works for my competitive creative nature.

The bear... well I used to think of it as this lumbering grouch. And who wants to be associated with a lumbering grouch? No high flying, wings a mile a minute avial headbanger, that's for sure! But then my comadre reminded me that the bear is the finder of medicine: she digs the ground for roots, finds berries and leaves, climbs trees, grabs salmon from streams. She puts her paws on every herb and medicinal, teaching us humans how to use them.

And she hibernates.

My body has been asking me to hibernate, but I put on my hummingbird headphones and tuned that song out. Now with so many things happening (not much has changed drastically since my last post) I've decided to chillax like the bear.

I'm just drowsily surfacing from my cave for a moment to wave to everyone and say all is good, I'm just in need of some bear naptime.

I look forward to coming back out in the spring, perhaps I'll even find me a pick-a-nick basket of great ideas and creative inspirations.

Sometimes I wish the world of Web 2.0 would all agree to take a week off, like a Holy Week for bloggers. Then we can all lift the pressure of having to post and go back to a simpler time of being.

In Spring I'll think that's a lame idea, but for now, I like it.

Happy hibernating, I'm going back to bed.